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OTC 1... - The One and Only Draco Malfoy [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Draco Malfoy Icon Challenge

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OTC 1... [Jul. 22nd, 2004|07:24 pm]
The Draco Malfoy Icon Challenge


[Current Mood |busybusy]

Well, alright... I never really wanted to post an OTC right away. But because it's Daniel Radcliffe's 15th birthday tomorrow, I thought I should put up an OTC for him.

Alright, rules are simple:
- Use ANY pictures of Dan. It can be either him acting as Harry or even him in premiers, interviews, etc.
- You can make it say whatever you want AS LONG as it has to do with greeting him happy birthday or his age (which is 15)

Good luck! Ends next Wednesday too.