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The One and Only Draco Malfoy

Accept no substitute

The Draco Malfoy Icon Challenge
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Got requests?
I would love to make requests but if you have any requests, please post it at hp_requests. It's a GREAT community!

Got questions?
If you need some help, reply to the 'Help!' thread (therefore it would be a comment)

If you want to affiliate, reply to the 'Affiliation?' thread (therefore it would be a comment)

Just to chat
Reply and rant about anything in the 'Chat' thread (therefore it would be a comment)

Graphics Spam
Got other graphics you made? Wanna show it off? It can be anything HP related only. Post it under the 'Graphics' thread (therefore it would be a comment)

Extra Information
- Wish I could take credit for this community, but I only got the idea when I saw that there were a few chorus communities but none dedicated to Draco *sob*
- Slash is allowed
- NO flaming. It will not be tolerated!
- Advertising is allowed, but only by the moderator of that community and only one per community - you can do this under the 'Advertise' thread
- Each challenge may have different rules and the OTCs rules will be placed on the challenge info
- Just thought you might like to know: when I say a minimum of three words, it doesn't have to be in the order of the lyrics. You can rearrange em all you like as long as the words are found in the lyrics and cannot be repeated more than the amount of times that word shows up. For example, if there are three words which say 'you', you can use it three times. If there is just one word which says 'cry', you can't repeat the word. Hope that was clear! It helps to be more creative and original!

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You can use a text link or a link button! Sup to you! But please do NOT direct link the buttons.

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